„I had someone visiting me twice since March. But actually I was still always cheerful, not depressed or anything … but I watched so much TV that I got square eyes. Then I went downstairs and worked in the garden. When I broke up with my husband, I also felt a kind of loneliness and didn’t let anyone come near me … also then I always went to the garden.“

LISA is 83 years old, lives in Düsseldorf and loves her little garden. During the lockdown, her garden is the only place outside of her apartment where she can stay. waltraud900 accompanied her through the exceptional pandemic situation between fall 2020 and fall 2021. Through joint walks, telephone calls and encounters at a distance, conversations about the invisibility and being a woman in the 20th century were recorded. The camera follows Lisa through her everyday life, from her Sunday breakfast with a boiled egg, to a digital choir rehearsal up to playing computer games thereby taking an observant point of view.